St. Joseph’s Christmas Wish List looks a little different than most…

We’re wishing for vital equipment to support the care we provide to our patients and residents.  Your gift today enables St. Joseph’s to make a difference– at Christmas and all year long.


Check out our Wish List below to see what we’re wishing for most this year.Donate now! button

7 Disinfector/Infection Control Devices Needed. $13, 500 each, these sterelization machines are essential to reducing cross contamination and eliminating any bacterial or microbial growth on personal patient supplies in our Health Centre. Give the gift of safety. 7 Sit to Stand lifts needed. $10,000 each, these specialized lifts maximize the mobility and independence of those we care for while ensuring they are transported with dignity and comfort. Give the gift of mobility and independence. 3 Electrocardiogram (EKG) Machines needed. $8,500 each, every in-patient and resident St. Joe's cares for requires the support of an EKG Machine. These devices help to monitor and record the heart's rhythm so that our staff can detect irregular heartbeats, heart disease, heart attacks and other risk factors that may lead to heart failure. Give the gift of heart health. 3 IV Pumps needed. $6,000 each IV pumps are essential in providing daily care. They help to deliver medications, fluids and even blood to our patients and residents. Give the gift of comfort.



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