Having a fully equipped hospital room with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies is key to ensuring the best possible health outcomes and recovery times. Today, many of our hospital rooms are in urgent need of:

  • Hi-Low Beds: The first line of defense to protect people from further injury or disability. The height of these beds can be easily adjusted for transferring and providing daily care in a safer, more dignified manner. Lowering the beds eliminates the need for bedrails – which have been proven to be a safety risk, especially to those experiencing brain disorders or forms of dementia.
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses circulate a constant flow of air through the mattress. This is critical in maintaining proper skin temperature which decreases swelling, speeds healing, relieves pain and prevents sores associated with being in bed for long periods of time.
  • Vital Sign Monitors measure important health indicators such as blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate. They provide a crucial aspect of care by calculating and alerting our caregivers to early warning signs, ensuring the right intervention occurs as soon as possible. They are critical for our most medically frail patients.
  • Pain Pumps deliver pain relief and other medications to those experiencing pain from trauma, advanced disease or terminal illness. Pain relief speeds healing by easing stress, offering comfort and improving mental health.
  • Ceiling Lifts Motors are vital to our commitment to move, transfer and support our patients and residents in the most respectable and comfortable way possible.