Your gift funds essential equipment to provide care and comfort to patients and residents at St. Joe’s….

Although everyone’s healthcare journey looks different, having the right equipment in every one of our rooms can help ensure effective, safe, comfortable and dignified care for all of our Health Centre’s patients and residents.

Below, you will find a photo of one of our rooms here at St. Joe’s fully equipped with medical equipment our healthcare heroes use every day, including a wound care machine, medication cart, and ceiling lift to name a few.

It’s essential equipment that works hand-in-hand with our committed colleagues on the front line to ensure they can heal, rehabilitate, care for and comfort everyone at our Health Centre. It’s equipment that is not covered by government funding, and therefore only made possible through donations. It’s equipment we can’t do without. So we’re reaching out to our community to ask for your support to help us fully equip our rooms.

Please give today.

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This image shows a room at St. Joseph's filled with medical equipment

  1. Bladder Scanner: Non-invasive scanning to help diagnose quickly and comfortably.
  2. Suction Machine: Keeps a person’s airway clear for improved breathing.
  3. Floor Lift: Ensures those in our care receive a safe and comfortable transfer.
  4. IV Pump: Provides vital fluids, medication and even blood products.
  5. Medication Cart: Helps ensure the correct medication, in the right dosage, at the right time.
  6. Vital Signs Machine: Monitors key health indicators such as heart rate and oxygen levels.
  7. Ceiling Lift System: Transfers patients and residents in a safe and dignified manner.
  8. Feeding Pump: Provides nutrients directly into the body.
  9. Fall Mat: Greatly reduces the risk of injury from a fall.
  10. Wound Care Machine: Helps relieve pain, support healing, and improve comfort.
  11. Thermometer: Used daily to quickly and accurately monitor temperature.
  12. Doppler Ultrasound: Monitors blood flow to help diagnose the health of veins and arteries.
  13. Warm Blanket: Safely heated by a blanket warmer to prevent chills and provide comfort.
  14. Hi-Low Bed & Therapeutic Mattress: Adjusts in height to help prevent falls and reduces the risk of bed sores.

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