Your donation will help fund the items on our list to respond to the healthcare needs of our community.

If you would like to help thousands in Guelph and Wellington County on their healthcare journeys, make a gift today. 

Check out our Equipment Wish List below to see what we’re wishing for most this year.

A list of the equipment on our wish list. $13,00- Patient Lifts. Equipped with a scale, mobile floor lifts transfer and reposition patients safely and comfortably while minimizing the risk of falls or other injury. $11,500- Bladder Scanners These non-invasive scanning machines monitor the bladder quickly and comfortably to minimize the risk of infection and reduce discomfort for our patients. $2,000- Hi-Low Beds. At the forefront of ensuring that our patients are able to rest comfortably and get a good night’s sleep, hi-low adjustable beds make it safer and easier for our patients to rest, sleep and receive daily care, while reducing the risk of falling. $1,500- Doppler Ultrasounds. A small ultrasound machine that quickly measures artery and vein health for early detection of major conditions such as blood clots or heart disease.