Taste of Guelph is the premiere, gourmet, garden party for St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph, and a culinary highlight, for 20 years. This would not have been possible without the support of the community, sponsors, and many wonderful local chefs, restaurants, and caterers.

We are proud to highlight a restaurant that has been with Taste of Guelph since the very beginning in 1998 — The Wooly Pub.

The Wooly Pub is an institution in the city of Guelph. The 1895 Victorian-style building, the patio, and the live bands are just some of the reasons why people love The Wooly. The atmosphere, camaraderie, care, and community are what separate The Wooly from the rest. Often referred to as ‘Guelph’s Great Meeting Place’, The Wooly reflects the atmosphere and comfort that is like a home away from home.

During the late 1980s, a phenomena referred to as ‘the microbrewery explosion’ occurred in Ontario. Everyday people wanted to create and explore the craft of brewing and wanted to drink something they had proudly made themselves. Taking back control of the beer industry from the three large companies, who had dominated it for the last 40 years, is what inspired the creation of The Wooly Pub in 1990. Originally as a known as The Woolwich Arrow Pub, The Wooly featured only small micro-brews on tap at their bar.

Inspired by their local beer, The Wooly proudly committed to only serve locally-sourced, comfort food. Over the years, The Wooly has brought back many traditional ingredients and recipes that everyone knows and loves. Featuring 22 craft beers on tap, four natural cask ales, and a fresh draft cider, people come to experience the character, comfort, and hospitality that only The Wooly has to offer.

Group Director and Chair of the Neighbourhood group, Bob Desautels says, “As a business we believe in all things local. We are proud to be a 20-year supporter of Taste of Guelph and St. Joseph’s Health Centre.”

Join us at Taste of Guelph on Sunday, September 17, and enjoy food from the Neighbourhood Group’s three local establishments; The Wooly Pub, Miijidaa Café & Bistro, and Borealis Grille.