Mary’s journey to St. Joseph’s started on August 9, 2018. She was riding on a city bus when her wheelchair rolled over. As you can imagine, the accident left Mary with some very serious injuries: a muscle tear, deep lacerations in her legs and a fractured hip. After several surgeries, it became clear Mary would have a long journey to recovery. That’s where St. Joseph’s came in.

Following her acute care hospital stay, Mary was transferred to the complex medical care unit at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. The surgeries and infections had left large wounds in her legs and hip. Her days were filled with round-the-clock bandage and dressing changes and the sound of the vac machine that kept Mary’s wounds clean and dry. This repetitive, intensive wound care and rehabilitation routine has been key to Mary’s recovery.

“For much of my healing journey, I was unable to move or help with my care in any way. The nurses at St. Joseph’s had to reposition and move me to care for my painful wounds while trying to cause me as little pain and discomfort as possible,” said Mary. “They were so kind to me…that’s what has impressed me the most. This compassionate team of healthcare professionals has quite literally nursed me back to health.”

You played a role in Mary’s journey to recovery too. Donations to St. Joseph’s Health Centre have helped us purchase specialized equipment that enabled our team to care for Mary. Vital sign monitors and medication pumps were used to help Mary fight pain and infection; the bed and special mattress in her room have been a constant source of comfort to Mary all these months; and, the patient lifts and supports helped nurses to move, turn and reposition Mary for her daily dressing changes. All of these pieces of equipment were made possible through the support of our donors and friends. So from Mary, and from all of us at St. Joseph’s, thank you.