Accessing Community Programs

For many in our community, the single barrier to accessing life-changing services is a lack of transportation. St. Joseph’s has specialized vehicles to transport people and we are committed to ensuring the population can access the programming they need.

However, we must look to our community partners to provide the additional funding required to make that possible and ensure more equitable health outcomes for all.

Recreation Therapy

Our Recreation Therapy Department offers a variety of programs and activities to support the health and wellbeing of patients and residents. Research shows that recreation therapy helps:

  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Decrease pain and anxiety
  • Increase happiness
  • Combat loneliness and depression

Altogether, recreation therapy helps prolong emotional, physical and mental health.

Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions involve experiences such as singing, playing instruments, writing songs, relaxation and movement to music.

It decreases feelings of isolation and loneliness, improves mood and emotional states, promotes memory recall and reminiscence.

It provides mild exercise, distracts from pain and discomfort and assists in relaxation.